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BEA CyberBanking Services

Founded in 1918, the Bank of East Asia is the largest independent bank in Hong Kong, with 83 locations throughout the city.

Bank Holidays for 2017 in Hong Kong

Below is the list of public holidays in Hong Hong for the 2017 year, when all banks in the city remain closed.

Bank of East Asia Cyberbanking Services in Hong Kong

Bank of East Asia Cyberbanking services in Hong Kong is the BEA’s award-winning remote banking solution for its comprehensive services, which allows for 24 hour access to bank from anywhere on the globe.

Dah Sing Bank Online Services in Hong Kong

Dah Sing Bank is one of the most innovative financial institutions operate in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China, providing commercial banking, personal banking, treasury and international banking services, and offering traditional banking products like various deposits, loans and credit cards.

Hang Seng Online Banking Services in Hong Kong

The bank’s remote banking provides¬† online services platforms that suit their clients particular needs, offering a convenient financial management platform anytime and everywhere.

Opening an account for company at BOC Hong Kong

Opening an account Bank of China Limited BOC is the largest group of banks in Hong Kong in respect of the assets and customer deposits. It is one of three banknote issuing banks in Hong Kong.

Opening bank account in Hong Kong

Opening bank account in Hong KongMost of the world famous banks have their head offices in Hong Kong. Today, the city occupies the 9th place in the ranking of financial centres in the number of external operations in the world and 2nd in Asia after Japan. The banking sector plays a crucial role in the development of Hong Kong as a trading and financial centre.

The Banking System of Hong Kong

The Banking System of Hong KongEvery bank in Hong Kong is subject to the Banking Act, which came into force in 1986. The law is repeatedly reworking by the authorities with the aim to improve some of its provisions and to bring it in line with current market conditions.

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