BEA CyberBanking Services

Founded in 1918, the Bank of East Asia is the largest independent bank in Hong Kong, with 83 locations throughout the city.

The BEA Hong Kong bank offers a variety of services to both individuals and businesses, including bank accounts, insurance, investment options, and more. In recent years, the bank has also expanded its services to online banking, giving customers 2417 access to their accounts as well as additional mobile features.

BEA CyberBanking Services


The BEA bank offers the Cyberbanking, a platform for services to clinets who take advantage of the online banking program.

With this platform clients can:

  • view their basic account details, including a record of their transactions
  • transfer funds to any account, regardless of their bank or location
  • perform time deposit transactions
  • make scheduled payments, quick payments to businesses and charity organisations
  • online loan management

For mobile bankers, clients can create their mobile password through the platform.

In addition to payments and transfers, clients can manage other BEA products through the online banking program. They can:

  • manage their credit cards
  • redeem their bonus points
  • find the nearest ATM
  • access the wide range of investment services, including stock and gold trading, linked deposits, and more
  • apply for select insurance plans and verify their policy details
  • send and deposit electronic checks through email, eliminating paper waste.

Mobile banking

For online bankers, BEA also offers a mobile apps with extra features geared specifically toward smart phone users. These apps are:

  • Shop Smart, a mobile shopping platform with exclusive offers for BEA customers. Clients can use coupons, make purchases, and choose between store delivery or free shipping.
  • A mobile transfer service that allows clients to transfer money with just their phone number.
  • i-Wishes feature gives clients the ability to send cash gifts and cards through mobile.
  • i-Spend provides a quick overview of the client’s credit card info.

All these apps are all included with the regular online banking features, including transfers, payments, and loan options.

The BEA Mobile Banking Apps are available for both iOS and Android. The apps are completely free, with no hidden fees. Clients can download the apps from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How to Apply Online

Clients can not apply for the Cyber banking online. Instead, they must call the phone number listed on the BEA bank’s site or visit a BEA bank’s branch for further details.

For support, clients can call the BEA bank’s support hotline, fill out an online form, or visit the the BEA bank’s branch.