Bank of East Asia Cyberbanking Services in Hong Kong

Bank of East Asia Cyberbanking services in Hong Kong is the BEA’s award-winning remote banking solution for its comprehensive services, which allows for 24 hour access to bank from anywhere on the globe. The service allows users to run up to 12 other related accounts through various electronic channels, giving sufficient control and convenience over user’s bank account.

Cyberbanking embraces today’s advanced technology and continues to introduce new features and services that adds more value to electronic banking experience. Being very customer friendly electronic banking system, it also assuring users of maximum security. Opening an account is free and users can enjoy a fast and reliable banking services.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service

With bank’s online service users can enjoy managing their bills easily with the new e-bills platform called “Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment EBPP .” This system allows one to receive and merge all bills into one online box, pay bill in one form of US dollars, Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi, eliminating paper work and enabling users to monitor their bills from mobile phone at any location.

Cyber Fund Centre

Introduced in 2013, Cyber Fund Centre offers services that include fund subscription, fund redemption, fund comparison, risk basement, trade basket, unit trust investment and the latest market information.

BEA UK Branch Accounts Direct Remittance

Direct remittance is used for transfer funds from one’s account to a BEA UK Branch account without necessarily being registered. This service is available in Hong Kong dollars, GBP, EUR and USD currencies and the funds are credited instantly to the recipient account.

Account Aggregation Service

This services allows users to track and maintain with one-click their accounts in Hong Kong and Mainland China through a single and safe online platform. This requires registration with any BEA branch located in Hong Kong.

Equity Linked Deposits

Cyberbanking allows order placements for equity-linked deposits services, including Equity Linked Deposits, Basket Equity Linked Deposits with Callable and Optional Kick-in and Single Equity Linked Deposits with Callable and Optional Kick-in Features.

Stock Watch and Fast Trade

This service helps customers to take important investment opportunities by managing their account and making trades more quickly and with much more convenience.

It enables them to:

  • Monitor top stock picks
  • Check on local Hong Kong and worldwide stock indices and charts
  • Check profit or loss status, stock quotes and company information
  • Make direct trades without a separate login
  • Get full information on market updates

E-advice Service

Provided through e-mail, this is an eco-friendly service that helps in preserving the environment by eliminating paper work. This service covers transactions involving money exchange transfer, electronic clearing money transfer and money transfer through CHATS.

Renminbi Standing Instruction Service

The service allows users of cyberbanking to easily set up renminbi instructions via internet.

Personal Information Update

Enables bank customers to check and update their personal information through internet.